Fish Camp RV Park
Fish Camp RV Park

If the Sheriff’s Department has to come out to due to a disturbance we have the right to evict that tenant immediately if we see fit.


PLEASE DO NOT throw cigarette butts on the ground, including your site.

We operate on a well and septic system, please do not put sanitary napkins or too much toilet paper in the toilets.

No swimming

Children are to be supervised and parents/guardians must assume responsibility for all actions of their children and their guest’s children.

Children are not allowed to play in or around the bayou unattended. Small children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Please do not let your children “run wild”. They must not be allowed to disturb other guests.

Pets are certainly welcome. All pets must be leashed at all times and under physical control of the owner/handler at all times; there will be no exception! Do not leave your pet outside unattended. Pet kennels and pet fences are not permitted. Please don’t let your pet use another RVer’s yard as their restroom; it can be offensive to others.

Quiet hours are from 10PM to 7AM.

Please respect the privacy of fellow guests and do not walk through occupied sites.

You must keep your RV in good working condition and clean. We reserve the right to refuse service to any rig based upon its appearance and/or condition.

You must keep all cords, cables and hoses coiled and out of the way of the grounds crew.

Unless performed by a licensed on-site RV Repair company, no repairing or overhauling of vehicles is allowed in the park. NO OIL CHANGES!

Each site is limited to one RV and one vehicle. Please no parking on the grass. Should you need additional parking space see the manager.

A positive sewer seal at both ends of your sewer hose is required on all sites.

Fish Camp RV Park is located in a natural environment. Please be aware of alligators, snakes and all other animals living in this habitat.

No permanent fixtures such as wood or metal canopies, sheds, etc. are permitted.

Small portable grills are allowed. Check with management for use of larger BBQ smokers. NO OPEN CAMPFIRES ALLOWED AT RV SITES.

Place your garbage in the dumpster. Do not leave trash outside your RV for ANY length of time. 

Sites are to be kept clean and orderly, as determined by management.

No refunds will be given if you shorten your stay with us.

Fish Camp RV Park is a privately owned RV park. We reserve the right to evict or refuse entry to any person who has a disregard for the rules without a refund.


Fish Camp RV Park is not responsible for accidents or injuries due to fire, theft, wind, flood, personal negligence, acts of God or other unforeseen acts.


Fish Camp RV Park is located in a flood zone.  In the event of a flood (example: tropical weather) when the County Judge issues a Mandatory Evacuation ALL tenants must evacuate until storm passes and storm water recedes.            



4620 CR 459D

Freeport, Texas 77541

Phone: (979) 864-9323



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